Kite flying at its finest – but don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself!

Experience the thrill of launching a large inflatable kite in the shape of an Octopus; see a child’s face light up as they run through a cylindrical kite the size of a garage; join us in an awe-inspiring kite building workshop where pieces of fabric and imagination turn in to breathtaking sails flying against the wind.  Come, join us and experience the splendor of being a kid once again! 


Community Participation Activities

  • Spectator Participation in “Best of”

  • Ground Display Competition

  • Community Kite Making Contest

  • Community Kite Photo Contest


Kite Activities

  • Giant Inflatable Creatures

  • Dual and Quad Line Stunt Kite Demonstrations

  • Multi-Person Quad Line Stunt Kite Formation Ballet Show

  • Crowd Interaction

  • Ground Display

  • Wind Feathers

  • Kite Exhibit

  • Kite Sales

  • Running of the Bols

  • Japanese Rokakku Challenge

  • Indian Fighter Kite Battles

  • Giant Bubbles and Candy Drops



  • Talking Robot

  • Large Inflatable Bounces

  • Clowns

  • Face Painting

  • Balloon Sculpting

  • Puppet Theater

  • Puppet Workshop

  • Lego Master

  • Sand Sculpting

  • Stilt Walkers


Vendor Row

  • Food Vendors

  • Juried Craft Vendors

  • Retail Vendors (Home Improvement, Sun Glasses, etc.)

  • Masseuse Professionals